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Useful information
Area Veterinarians
Animal Kare Center Paducah, KY 270-554-5273
Flanary Veterinary Clinic Reidland, KY 270-898-9738
Ceglinski Animal Clinic Paducah, KY 270-554-0171
Coffee Animal Clinic in LaCenter, KY 270-665-9146

McCracken County Shelters & Rescue
McCracken County Animal Shelter (270) 448-1570
McCracken County Humane Society (270) 443-5923
McCracken County Animal Control (270) 331-6417
Missing Bella - Lost & Found
Paducah Lost and Found Pets - Lost & Found
Wildlife Control - Free Again Wildlife (618) 988-1067

Outside McCracken County Shelters & Rescues
Marshall County Animal Shelter (270) 527-0954
Ballard County Animal Control - (270) 335-3961
Graves County Animal Control - (270) 335-3961
Carlisle County Animal Control - (270) 628-37441
Project Hope Metroplis IL - (618) 524-8939

Pet WebMD for Cats
Pet WebMD for Dogs
Microchip Pets
Spay & Neuter Pets
Jeffers Pet Supplies
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