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Because we have no shelter a majority of our organization centers around our foster network.  This means that the animals we save go to homes where they live with a family until they get adopted by their forever family.  This method of saving animals allows us to test our pets in many situations, and we are able to tell the potential adopter lots about the pet's personality.  We limit all our foster homes to no more then two foster dogs and or a small number of cats so the fosters can concentrate on taking excellent care of our sweet rescued animals.
Various types of foster parents are needed. We have animals available for virtually any type of foster situation. If your passions run to felines, we will match your preference with the appropriate type of cat or kitten(s). Do you love dogs? We can also match you with the type of dog of your preference. We have big, medium and small dogs, indoor or outdoor and all are in need of a temporary loving home. Who doesn't like puppies? We often have a litter of puppies needing a bit more attention and care, and they are just so cute! Sometimes we need a special foster parent to nurse and treat an animal recovering from injuries or sickness. Only approved fosters are allowed for this program.

To participate in this rewarding endeavor please print off and fill out our Adoption Application which is in pdf format. Enter "FOSTER" in the top field "animal which you are applying" and return the application to us. You may either mail or scan and email to us. Please see menu item "Contact Us" for address/email information. One of our directors will contact you.

Rescued animal fosters - has a stray animal come into your life? We will assist you in fostering. Please see menu item "Rescues" for details.
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