Creatures Great & Small, Giving Hope to All

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Creatures Great & Small was formed in 2005 in the Paducah area. Our group is an animal welfare group. We have several programs designed to help animals in need. One main program we have is our rescue, which is devoted to saving animals who are about to be euthanized or who are in grave danger of being hurt, neglected or killed. We work to help cats, dogs and horses. Our group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group, so donations in kind or in cash are tax-deductible.

Our rescue reserves our energies to help those animals who are not getting help. Therefore, we very rarely take in animals from individuals who ask us to because this takes up space for the truly needy animals. Creatures Great & Small is a foster network. Our animals are kept in individual homes until they are matched with their new owners. This allows them to be temper tested and to live with a family. This approach gives us, the rescue group, a very good idea as to the personality of our rescued animals, and we are then able to place the animal in the home which suits him best.

We have foster homes throughout the Paducah area, including many of the surrounding counties. Most of our adoptions take place at PetSmart, whether it be at an adoption event or an individual adoption appointment, after an application has been approved.


Our Rescue Foster Program allows individuals to be fosters for needy animals and we provide the support they need to care for and adopt out their rescued animals.

We do not have a facility and WILL NOT take animals from people who either own them or who have rescued them.  This is why we set up our Rescue Foster Program.  Visit our Rescue Foster Page for more information.